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*takes the SAT and doesn’t know any of the answers so just fills in the bubbles that correspond with all the chords from Through The Fire And Flames on Expert*

3 months ago I noticed weird transactions on my bank statement. At first I ignored them because I thought I actually made them, then the next month came and the charges were still there. I went to the bank and turned out someone stole my information and used it to get money from me! Every single “payment” appeared the same way it would as if I payed it at a store.
I’ve payed pretty much everything with my cards since I was 16, and most of it has been online and i NEVER had any problem, but this sucker was using my info and probably signing stuff with my name, like WTF?
Since it all seemed legit the bank had to
froze and cancel my account so they could investigate and what not, and it all happened at the end of the month so this “problem” already ruined my chances to continue my Japanese lessons, the oportunity to buy my tickets to see Placebo and my subscription to kawaii box